DAY Collective

DAY Collective

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March 5th 20:00-20:30 March 5th 21:00-21:30 FRAS 1

We become who we are through meetings. Let's get offline and fall into a series of conversations on skin through drawings, in response to a visual, a form and a sensation in silence. Let the border become a transmitter. 
DAY is an artistic duo consisting of Dorota Radzimirska and Yulia Ratman. Their works are conceptual and realized in multiple media, often breaking the borders between a maker, a viewer and the work itself. They deal with relations between people, as well as people and their environment, and how these are conditioned by contemporary developments in Capitalist societies. By drawing inspiration from concepts both within and outside the Western philosophical tradition, DAY addresses questions regarding individualism vs collectivity and ways of relating and recognizing each other. Their artistic approach is informed by posthumanist sustainable ethics.  

Credits: Dorota Radzimirska, Yulia Ratman, Mondriaan fonds

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