Katinka Marac

Katinka Marac

Dear Artist. Shameless self presentation and invitation.

March 5th 22:40-23:00 March 5th 23:10-23:30 FRAS 2

Dear Artist,

you are invited to 

a shameless self presentation  

that is basically an open solicitation  

and invitation 

with some product placement on the side

All in under 20 minutes time


i will talk about 


sharing some stories, dreams, longings

and my hope you and I might join forces

in making art

or hanging out together


you are welcome to 

see for yourself 

if there are shared wishes we could tap into

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Dear Artist


Until recently it felt easier to define myself. At the moment I am basically curious. Curious to meet and exchange with other designers, artists and makers, opening possibilities to explore new things and see where that can bring us. I think I am looking for a group. I fantasize wildly about a platform for designers/artists/makers that work with performance and where the performance materials can consist of performers, other media or combine both. A platform that allows us to meet, to share/show practices and (autonomous) work and organise bottom up educational activities. One year ago my bio would have looked something like: Katinka Marac is a space and lighting designer and visual dramaturg for contemporary dance and performance, working internationally with a base in Amsterdam. Her professional practice consists of several strands. She is strongly affiliated and collaborates with independent choreographers, mostly trained at the School for New Dance Development and visual artists who create and present work in the frame of theatre and performance. Most of the projects she designs for border on dance and visual art, where all elements of a production are seen as horizontal and working processes are shaped according to that. Where choreography is created between movement, light and space, and light not only supports story but in itself can become story, experience or scenario. She also present her own work, that takes the form of autonomous light installations or performative installations, often in collaboration with composers, artists and choreographers she invites. She collaborated on the works of Andrea Bozic, Ibrahim Quraishi, Emily Roysdon, Sonja Jokiniemi, Alma Soderberg, Esther Arribas, Anthonie Nestel, Fernando Belfiore, Noha Ramadan, Roser Lopez Espinosa, Lester Arias and Emilie Gallier.  Katinka teaches workshops lighting design for / as performance to choreographers, visual artists and composers, amongst others at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts, The Hague (Interfaculty ArtScience), Amsterdam School of the Arts (School for New Dance Development, ba choreography) and Fontys School of Fine and Performance Art, Tilburg (Comma, ma choreography). For the moment I prefer: Lighting designer/artist, (co)maker of contemporary dance projects and performative installations and visual dramaturg. Interested in system based methodologies and abstraction, as well as (auto) biographical fiction in documentary form. Evenly enjoying the neutral and stylistic restriction as well as colorful, charged, theatrical flamboyance. Preference for presence over presentation. Humor and the absurd are definitely THE tools to beat unfavorable circumstances. Looking for others. 

Katinka Marac - Dear artist.