Mami Kang & Juan Pablo Cámara

Mami Kang & Juan Pablo Cámara

Slip through my finger

March 7th 19:35-20:25 March 7th 20:55-21:45 FRAS 2

Am I ready(?)
What if I mistakenly fall through?
- - - Will I stay awake? 

In this project, Mami Kang and Juan Pablo Cámara, both graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), render their ongoing desire to collaborate and start a choreographic research together. 
'Fantasizing with the idea of bodies that continuously transform through the action of devouring its direct surroundings, we playfully attempt to (de)form the space between a bittersweet intimacy and a savoury detachment.'

Juan Pablo Cámara is an Argentinean-born, Berlin-based choreographer and performer and a graduate of the School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam) in 2017. His work reflects upon mediated relationships established with surroundings and amongst selves, through playful attempts to create narratives and identities that problematize the ways in which language (bound to a human ontology) determines our experience and perception of reality. His work has been presented in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon and Poland. He performs and performed for choreographers Jefta van Dinther, Michele Rizzo, Adam Linder, Kat Valastur, among others.

Mami Kang is a Korean Japanese choreographer and dancer working within the expanded field of dance. She graduated from SNDO - School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam in 2019. Her choreographic works can be associated with the experimentation of dance concerning its materiality, technology, and affect through emotional sensitivity. She has been interested in exploring imagery, sound, and movement potentiality by questioning the boundaries between objectivity and subjectivity. Her works have been shown, amongst others, at Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam), Galerie Noah Klink (Berlin), Theater Frascati (Amsterdam), FLAM Forum for Live Art (Amsterdam), Dansmakers Amsterdam(Amsterdam), Uferstudios (Berlin) and Spider festival (Ljubljana).

Mami Kang & Juan Pablo Cámara - slip through my finger