Rebecca Collins

Rebecca Collins

The Promise and Potentiality of the Object.

March 5th 19:00-23:00 CORRIDOR

Come find it.

This performative installation piece is exploring humanisation and dehumanisation. What is the difference between an object and a human? How easily can we dissociate with the humanity of something and how do we objectify the human? Playing with the  transformative potential of the performer. Testing the boundaries between the audience and performer as well as the personal boundaries of the observer.  

Now adventuring into her first solo piece, she is motivated by the power of performance. Her main source of inspiration is human experience, and the deeper emotion, instinct and human connection present in our lives. She approaches these by exposing her own vulnerability on stage and connecting to the simple fact that we are all human with personal history and experience. She has decided to focus on spaces that are not traditional performance spaces. Using the body as a tool Rebecca enjoys researching the ability of the body and pushing it into physical and mental states; for example, the different forms the body can go through when experiencing physical exhaustion.

Rebecca moved to Amsterdam 6 years ago. After graduating with a BA in Modern Theatre Dance, AHK 2017, Rebecca started to work with Compagnia Zappala Danza (IT) , Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solina (UK), and Guilherme Miotto (NL). She is currently working as a performer with Katja Heitmann (NL) and Antonella Tudisco (IT). 

Costume: Emma Sep
Image Design: Matjia Franjes
Original Photo: Hanneke Wetzer - Museum Motus Mori by Katja Heitmann
Special Thanks: Wolf Govaerts, Ivan Ugrin, Victoria Kennett, Piotr Wach & Bijons Vintage. 

Rebecca Collins