Burning Blue

Burning Blue

- and flowers will grow -

March 9th 16:15-16:45 FRAS 1

About the performance - and flowers will grow -

“In a time of uncertainty, we felt the urge to dive deeper into the atmosphere of the ‘not knowing’ and create a landscape of it. Where do we go from a place of being lost? As just kids waiting, attempting, drop attempts, searching, playing, provoking, watching each other get it going and weaving separate together."

Burning Blue is a theatre duo consisting of Bodine Sutorius & Olga Tsyganova. They found each other in their fascination and admiration for Patti Smith. There started a true friendship and the urge to dive together deeper down in her universe. The performance We Three is their first work together and they are looking forward to the meeting between two, to meet with three.  

Bodine Sutorius is a 22-year-old with her roots in The Hague. She has a fascination for the moving body which brought her to study Mime at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. For her graduation, she made the multi-media solo performance Becoming, winner of the André Veltkamp Grant. She is currently creating her own theatre performances in the field of immersive theatre and performance Art and will perform in the fall of 2021 in the turbo-slapstick Knock Out from the Jakop Ahlbom Company.   

Olga Tsyganova was born in St.Petersburg, Russia and grew up in the U.S. Seeking out what brings joy and gives challenges, she found teachers in storytelling and listening, dance, theater. Her studies in psychology and her passion of dance brought her to the desire to do physical theater. Now she is currently studying at the Mime school in Amsterdam and working on combining poetry, dreams, reality and music in her work.

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Bodine Sutorius, Olga Tsyganova, Patti Smith


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