Charles Pas

Charles Pas


March 11th 16:55-17:40 FRAS 1

We will try to kiss this moment of passing
What is meant for us to have and hold 
Trying to find our way in this dessert 
What new fruit can the tree bare 
Mama, it is not that you did wrong, no
We will midwife the time, for we do not know what will come out of this darkness
We are a living system 
My skin and bones drum along with yours

Reunions is a piece that delves into our struggle for connection. 

In Reunions seclusion and detachment are ever-present and we see people trying to find new ways of relating; only to find that there are more ridges and holes then imagined. What agreements are needed for a transparent way of meeting, or is social construct a fixed concept? Reunions is a live investigation of interaction. 

Reunions for COME TOGETHER is the first showing of a selection of material from a research period. In the summer this piece will be produced and have its premiere at Over Het IJ festival. 

Charles Pas is a performer and maker from Antwerp, Belgium. He graduated from the Mime at the Academy for Theater and Dance last year. As a performer he worked with makers such as Franscesca Lazzeri, Marcelo Evelin and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. As a maker and co-maker he created pieces such as How to Play Kasper and Lust For Life, Repeat and Fade (graduation work). This summer he directed Ducktape/Wie het eerst wakker word wint in collaboration with DeSingel and STORMKOP.  In his own work he researches and questions the existentiality of the individual and the interrelations that shape society. He looks for new states and worlds of being, often by emphasizing or abstracting the ways we ‘function’. Reunions will be his debut as a director in the Netherlands. Charles received the 3-package deal from the AFK from the coalition for theatre

Charles Pas - director 
Clara Ottignon – performer
Fabian Santarciel de la Quintana – advisor
Loes van der Pligt - outside eye 
Meghan Dobbelsteijn Bisschops – performer
Melyn Chow Jia Jie – performer
Niek Vanoosterweyck – performer
Niels van Heijningen – performer
Olga Tsyganova – performer
Rint Mennes - live composer
Willem Lenaerts - outside eye (composition)Big thanks to Oscar Jan Hoogland

Charles Pas - vertical
Charles Pas - horizontal