Keren Levi

Keren Levi


March 11th 17:10-17:40 FRAS 1

A year ago Keren Levi was working on IN SERVICE, a choreography for 8 dancers commissioned by Norrdans, Sweden. Due to the covid outbreak the premier was postponed to autumn 2021 but later on the company decided to cancel the project entirely. NIGHT FEVER exercises movement material and thoughts about that work with 2 dancers.

[ the following text, by Igor Dobrovič, was written about IN SERVICE and serves as a reference / inspiration / carrier bag to NIGHT FEVER ]

Of whom or what are we in service when we dance together? Are we in service of music? Of the 2-3-4 steps that somebody else, once upon the time, invented for us? Or are we riding this rhythm in order to discover who are we to one another? Is the ritual of dance a counting and courting game through which we are impressing upon the world the well constructed image of ourselves that we desire to project? Or are we seeking, even against our better judgement, to express something that maybe even we ourselves are not aware of: a fractured gesture, a partial phrase, an unexpected move escaping our intention and revealing what is hidden. Are we, by making ourselves vulnerable toward another, hoping to receive same vulnerability in return? And isn’t it that through this often clumsy, fragile process of self exposure we are actually seeking to get in service - not of music or of a dance master - but in service of one another. Maybe that’s the final answer to our dilemmas: beyond impressing anybody and expressing anything we are meeting each other on a dance floor in order to learn how to be - together. In order to explore for whom are we really dancing, we will, at first, dance for you. Than we will dance among ourselves, choosing our preferred partners on the way. Finally we will dance all together. We will travel through repetition toward variation. We will move to the music (70s Disco is our choice) and against it. We will tell you what are we doing and we will do whatever are we telling you about. We will keep going. will you join us?

Keren Levi (Israel,1972) is a choreographer who lives in Amsterdam, her company's name is NeverLike. In a search for an encounter between disciplines, in which they integrate into one another and unexpected forms emerge, Levi's work is best described as interdisciplinary, core based on choreographic principles.

Lucie Delsus grew up in The Netherlands in a Dutch/French family. She is a 21-year-old dancer who is currently in her last year of studies at the Modern Theatre Dance department at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Her internship was supposed to take place with Cullberg in Stockholm but due to the pandemic it got cancelled. Instead she will be spending time this spring with her twin sister Jeanne (also a dancer) in Malmo, working with Skånes Dansteater.

Alberto Quirico was born into an Italian family in Munich, Germany. As an energetic boy, he found a passion for Hip-Hop dancing, which he eagerly continued for years to come. Together with his family, he eventually moved to the USA, where he took a liking for Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary Dance. After returning to Germany, he did three years of Pre-Education in Contemporary Dance at the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance. He is now attending the fourth year of the Modern Theatre Dance department at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. 

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Choreography Keren Levi together with performers Lucie Delsus and Alberto Quirico
Music: Cover version for "Night Fever" by Carol Douglas



Keren Levi - NIGHT FEVER Vertical
Keren LEvi - NIGHT FEVER Horizontal