Mami Kang

Mami Kang

Void, filled with other things (working title)

March 9th 17:00-17:30 FRAS 1

About ‘Void, filled with other things (working title)’: “In this work in progress, I suggest an imaginative time beyond the understanding of a human scale. I intend to create an artificial future nostalgia, perhaps it also can be eventually felt like an abandoned place. The work plays both physically and sonically - with the conflicts of desire, the sense of deformation, and the ambiguity of female subjectivities. Uncanny urgency starts filling the void and processing the feeling of otherness.”

Mami Kang is a choreographer and dancer. She graduated from the SNDO - School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam in 2019. Her works deal with the experimentation of dance concerning its materiality, sensorial technology, and affects through poetic sensitivity. She often employs quasi-fictitious figures to conjure both destabilized and transformative experience and to look at the notion of otherness. Her work has been presented in Amsterdam, Berlin, Ljubljana, and Osaka. Mami received the 3Package Deal by AFK, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst in 2020, and danceWEB Scholarship in 2021.

Credits // 

Choreography, performance: Mami Kang 

Sound design, musical arrangement: Mami Kang, Karl Choueiri 

Costume: Mami Kang, Antonin Giroud-Delorme


Mami Kang - Void, filled with other things (working title)