About Come Together(7) 2022

COME TOGETHER - 13 - 14 - 15 January 2022 Frascati 1, 2 and 3

On January 13th the 7th edition of the three day gathering COME TOGETHER will take place in all the spaces of Frascati Theater where twenty makers will show and test their new ideas; short sketches, wild plans or poetic experiments. COME TOGETHER offers the invited artists the opportunity to try out things in the theater that they normally don’t have the possibility to do and to share them immediately with an audience. The gathering is open to surprises and unexpected outcomes. In experiment lies renewal and change.

COME TOGETHER is a artistic gathering that aims to create space for experiment and exchange. By generating opportunities to grow together, these three days contribute to a fertile breeding ground for the Amsterdam performance, dance and mime scene. COME TOGETHER is not a festival in the classical sense of the word. Rather than presenting finished pieces, it provides a platform for all forms of sharing: works-in-process, experiments, performance excerpts, installations, talks and workshops.

The format of COME TOGETHER is fine-tuned every year. To keep the structure open and to monitor its urgency, different ways of selecting and producing are always discussed. Over the last editions, the programme was curated from submitted proposals following an open call, hosting a large community of up to 50 artists. This year, the program is "chain curated". The five GREENHOUSE partners and one guest curator started this chain by inviting one artist who then invites another artist and so on, in order to arrive at a complete and diverse program.

This year, in addition to the gathering in Frascati, we organise three workshops by artists participating in this year’s edition on January 10 & 11. Maria Magdalena Kozlowska, Ahmed El Gendy and Tchelet Pearl Weisstub will be giving the workshops that will take place in Veem House for Performance. 

>> Tickets PEOPLE VERSUS THINGS by Maria Magdalena Kozlowska
>> Tickets JUNTOS by Ahmed El Gendy
>> Tickets Softened, Hardened, Broke, Expanded by Tchelet Pearl Weisstu

COME TOGETHER #7  is a GREENHOUSE project in collaboration with Frascati.

GREENHOUSE is a new development network by BAU Platform for Dance and Performance, Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, Keren Levi | NeverLike, Nicole Beutler Projects and Veem House for Performance.

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