Ahmed El Gendy

Ahmed El Gendy


January 14th 20:30-21:00 January 14th 21:30-22:00 FRAS 3

About Ahmed El Gendy
Ahmed El Gendy (Cairo, 1987) artist/choreographer based in the Netherlands. He studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (2019)
Ahmed works through video and live performance; physically experimenting and exploring notions of agency, interdependency, entanglement and togetherness. Objects, water and duration are elements that reoccur in his research.

About LocaMani
“where gravity finds bodies-of-water attractive,
 if a body-of-water wants to move somewhere,
 the whole system would adapt to their desire,”

LocaMani is a dance performance of 6 bodies negotiating possibilities of being in togetherness on an interdependent network of ropes.
How much agency do i actually have when everything is entangled?

Inspired by Astrida Neimanis text “Hydrofeminism: Or on Becoming a Body of Water”, we are all ‘water’ manifesting itself into different forms according to our different ways of living.

ChorePerformance: Ahmed El Gendy, Netti Nüganen, Charlie Laban Trier
Costumes: Richard John Jones.
Video: Paul Sixta. This project was realised with support from Mophradat.

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Ahmed El Gendy