Amparo González Sola

Amparo González Sola

HOW (working title)

January 15th 20:20-20:50 January 15th 21:00-21:30 FRAS 3

Meet Amparo González Sola
"I was born in 1984 in Mendoza (Argentina). I am a choreographer, dancer, researcher and teacher. In my work proprioception, philosophy, decolonial feminism and fascia studies are intertwined. I work in both theatrical and non-theatrical contexts, bringing people from different backgrounds, generations and disciplines together. I am part of the collective Escena Política (Buenos Aires) and I collaborate with various artists, thinkers and activists. I develop the project "Exploring Reciprocity" within the program "Residenties in Utrecht" since 2019 (NL) and as part of my master at DAS Choreography (AHK). I am currently creating "If every rock is a hole" (WIP 2021, Próximamente Festival- KVS Theater, BE). I also created "Charged" (WIP 2019, Dansmaker, NL), "La conspiración de las formas" (2018, Sívori Museum, AR), "Caravana" (2017, Spring Performing Art Festival, NL), "El Becerro de Oro" (2015, Bienal Arte Joven, AR). 

Amparo González Sola about HOW (working title)
“What does a dance ‘make present’, beyond the visible and the invisible? How?” In the last year and a half I have been developing some choreographic procedures in my MA at DAS Choreography that, until now, have taken the form of solo performance. These procedures are part of a larger research in which I wonder about the relationship between forms and forces; about resisting forces and different forms of existence; about the paradoxes in the binaries of appearing-disappearing, presence-absence, inhabiting-contemplating, inside-outside. For this presentation, the choreographic procedures are probed onto a constellation of more bodies (that is to say other materialities, temporalities, historicities). The audience is invited to witness the beginning of this new process, to listen with us to what emerges. 

Performers:  Ariadna Rubio Lleo, Simone Weber, Thalia Livingston, and Lucas Lagomarsino.
Sound: Nahuel Cano
Adviser: Konstantina Georgelou
Choreographer: Amparo González Sola


Amparo González Sola vertical
Amparo González Sola horizontal