Yorke Mulder-Bhangoo

Yorke Mulder-Bhangoo

Whey and Curds

January 15th 20:20-20:40 January 15th 21:00-21:40 FRAS 2

Yorke Mulder-Bhangoo (1991) started creating and performing after graduating from acting school in Utrecht. He works as an independent maker. He made a mystical facts show Facts over Fiction on the parade in 2017. In 2020 started to create artistic dinner performances ‘krachtvoer.’ He also works as an actor with various companies such as the national theater, 't barre land, studio 52, Tijdelijke samenscholing, Theater Tocht, and many more. His work is centered around story’s and facts. He likes to create dialogues from written text that is not intended for that purpose, such as Facebook comments or Wikipedia pages. There he finds story’s about kindness and the magical of that we know and don’t know. He is in the process of becoming a vegan chef. And started the search of how food, cooking and performance can meet. This is what he is exploring now and will experiment during Come Together #7.

About Whey and Curds
Can you change without seeing change? Do we have a good example of transformation, to be followed? How, when and why do we change? The process of making soy milk and tofu is a story of transformation. From beans to a liquid, from a milk to a curd, from a curd to a solid block of tofu. The process of making tofu is a repetitive movement, almost hypnotic. How can it be that this recurring movement make’s a transformation to something beautiful as tofu. What can we learn from this preparation as human kind. 


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