Antonella Fittipaldi

Antonella Fittipaldi

SEESSES’s diary 

January 21st 20:00-22:30 FRAS 1

Continuous performance.

About Antonella Fittipaldi
Antonella’s philosophy is shaped by desire, disgust, anger and eroticism contained within the semiotic of feminine bodies, strongly encouraging non linear/ logical narratives of the selves, against patriarchal structures of power and oppression. Since 1993 Sci embodies & resists the contradictory effects that domestication processes, such as education, democracy and capitalism-  have on feminine bodies. Indeed, Sci accomplished a BA in Hermeneutics at the Public Philosophy University of Milan, a BA in Choreography at the SNDO program of Amsterdam, and several ballet and contemporary dance training + sci published and showed in both institutional and non institutional settings. Sci is currently initiating a long term pedagogical & political project for and through feminine bodies in small communities in the south of Italy, where sci is from.

About SEESSES’s diary 
For Come Together Festival Sci invites Seesses (fav Anto’s fictionalised character, created to speak with no regrets and nonsense shaping) to welcome and guide the audience through a journey of collective destruction and creation. Using text, movements, live music and a couch, Seesses’diary will be shared out loud, through a series of collective and individual acts, inviting you to listen and celebrate the end of linearity and its myth of progress (yesss, let's all stop this hallucination!). The diary is definitely a (over)sharing of degenerated and unproductive experiences such as acting in the cracks of domestic habits, challenging european understanding of conversation, its modalities and aesthetic, testing the acoustic&elasticity of the theatre’s architecture towards feminine bodies. 

Antonella Fittipaldi - Performer

Inge Gutzeit and Saman Mahdavi - Destruction’s Assistants


Antonella Fittipald
Antonella Fittipald