Bühnenbiest - Kathrin Gramelsberger & Jörgen Unom

Bühnenbiest - Kathrin Gramelsberger & Jörgen Unom

Ni Ile/daheim

January 19th 19:50-20:20 January 19th 20:40-21:10 January 19th 22:00-22:30 January 19th 22:50-23:20 ELSEWHERE

Bühnenbiest - Kathrin Gramelsberger & Jörgen Unom


About Kathrin Gramelsberger
Kathrin Gramelsberger grew up in Munich as a German-Nigerian until she took the jazz, show musical and theater dance course at the Amsterdam School of the Arts at the age of 17. After her studies she danced in various dance theater, show and theater productions by Danstheater Aya and Toneelgroep Maastricht, among others. In 2009 she started developing dance theater pieces herself. Kathrin has developed her own language through her foundation Bühnenbiest (http://buhnenbiest.nl): dance, music and text. Her starting point is always dance. Through collaborations with word artists and musicians, she creates performances that get under your skin, make you move and evoke emotions in both the performer and the audience. Gramelsberger is inspired by her bicultural background. She mixes ingredients from the Nigerian Yoruba culture with western contemporary dance and creates interdisciplinary dance theater performances.

“Ni Ile/daheim - It feels like there is a never-ending circle of constructing and deconstructing a home within myself.”

A research about losing and finding home and the inner turmoil that comes with both. Kathrin is trying to trace the many homes she builds, abandoned or outgrew. She is curious about the physical memories stored within her body.

Where do we start building a home? And what happens when we outgrow the home we build?  What happens before we move objects? What is moving within ourselves?

Together with musician and spoken word artist Jörgen she will search for ways to share this story in movement and sound. This is the very beginning of a research Kathrin will continue throughout the year supported by 2turvenhoog.

Jörgen Gario Unom - Music
Anne Verheij - Photography