Eloy Cruz del Prado

Eloy Cruz del Prado

Good Job, Good boy (Sketch IV)

January 19th 19:50-20:20 January 19th 20:35-21:05 FRAS 2

About Eloy Cruz del Prado 
Eloy Cruz del Prado (Madrid,1992) works between the roles of resistance and self-reliance in the development of intimacy, sexuality, care, and love. His research focuses on these tools in creating non-normative identities allowing for the growth of new social imaginings and defiance. In del Prado’s performance and installation works, social belonging is unraveled through an emotional and political lens, while tradition, as a strategy for the settlement of social structures, and memory, as a malleable object, are present as important agents in this process.

About Good Job, Good boy (Sketch IV)
Good Job, good boy is an in-process thought around intimacy, imagination, and class difference. Which weaved together personal recollections of youth, queer desire, and rurality. This composes an image that underlines a constant seek of validation. This quest is presented here with a perspective of labor as a tool within a capitalist, and therefore, patriarchal frame. The work dissects the apparatus that construct ideas of self-value, identity, or social belonging, making use of autofiction and repetition. 

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Eloy Cruz del Prado
Eloy Cruz del Prado