Flávia Pinheiro

Flávia Pinheiro

The Magnificent Bacteria

January 20th 19:00-19:40 FRAS 1

About Flávia Pinheiro
Flavia Pinheiro is a bacteria from Brazil currently based in Amsterdam. After being exposed to unhealthy, unsanitary and insalubrious environments, very hot temperatures, high relative air humidity, and high levels of contamination, they found in Amsterdam the most hygienic and aseptic conditions, with controlled variables, to develop in vitro science fiction experiments. Their research foregrounds networks of resilience and resistance to systems of knowledge by fabulative speculations around Science and Technologies. Their artistic practice in an ongoing attempt to create breathing and vital conditions; in an unstoppable dance, they create improbable exchanges with the nonhumans such as plants, birds, antelopes and ghosts. Their focuses in states of survival and refusal of captivity by proposing a radical ontological turn. They navigate in different medias to underline how diversity and transversality can contribute to (un)learning colonial pedagogies. They focus in states of survival and refusal of captivity by proposing a radical ontological turn.

About The Magnificent Bacteria
Bacteria came into existence 3.5 billion years ago.
The giant bacteria who can be seen by naked eye celebrates contamination and freedom. Trapped in the evolutionary lineage, they claim a disobedience through excessive, explicit, filthy, improper, and tasteless language; microscopic acts of resistance through touching and sweating. They embody a refuge for the invisible, an explosive representation in the wake; a countermovement of the plentiful and necessary microbes.

The Magnificent Bacteria is an in vitro experiment that entangles microorganism and non-human forces in a macropolitical shift. Tired of struggling to create vital conditions, it unveils a celebration of the living; a massive biomass, one trillion species of microbes on Earth who holds the technology of breathing in their tiny hands.

Where do you place yourself in the ongoing war against the antibiotics?

Flávia Pinheiro, Mario Lopez, Rodrigo Batista - Performers
Adrian Kaustky - Light design
Kris Mcdonald & Misha MacLaren - Sound Design

Flávia Pinheiro and Tom Oliver Jacobson - Dramaturgy



Flávia Pinheiro
Flávia Pinheiro