Mariana Senne (in partnership with José Fernando Azevedo)

Mariana Senne (in partnership with José Fernando Azevedo)

Chanchada Machine (work in progress)

January 20th 21:25-21:45 January 20th 22:15-22:35 FRAS 2

About Mariana Senne 
Mariana Senne is a Brazilian theatermaker and performer, based between Amsterdam and Berlin, who explores intercultural practices, developing new forms of staging from a feminist perspective. Recently graduated from the Master Das Theater she has being working in collaboration with Luise Meier & Christian Fillips (Berlin), Claudia Bosse (Vienna) and Rodrigo Batista (Amsterdam). She has fun in underscoring connections between personal experience and larger social political structures, understanding the body as the initial engine. She digests thoughts through the body and turns the personal into a mask. She has been researching the function of joke and laughter relating to the punk & carnival aesthetics of her works. To create the Chanchada Machine project, this loot/assault on the classics, she teamed up with Brazilian theater director José Fernando Azevedo and the German video-artist Kathleen Kunath.

About Chanchada Machine
Chanchada Machine is an apparatus that cannibalizes Classics questioning the models of culture, considering the colonial condition that defines them. Mariana Senne invites José Fernando de Azevedo to put the Human Voice from Jean Cocteau inside this machine, and confront the tired appeals of this classical voice with the kamikaze performativity of an artist in her self-exile. Chanchada, in Brazil, means parody, mockery of tradition; but also, whenever taken up critically, Chanchada is a way of looking at the Classics and going through it, showing how we participate in it, by highlighting its limits. The live camera unfolds and delay the presence of the performer, who cannibalizes Cocteau until she spits back what differs from him. In the frame of coming together Mariana will show a 20 min improvisation and share where she is at, in this process-oriented research.

Created and developed by Mariana Senne and José Fernando Azevedo
For the edition of Coming together, the video artist Kathleen Kunath joins the team operating the live camera

Jan Brokof - Photography


Mariana Senne - Jan Brokof
Thomas Lenden