Mees Vervuurt

Mees Vervuurt

STABAT MATER (deconstruction 1)

January 21st 19:10-19:30 FRAS 1

About Mees Vervuurt
Mees is a composer and director based in Amsterdam. In his work he combines music, movement and space in a poetical way. By abstracting images and sounds of our everyday lives and putting them in a different, performative context, his work raises questions about the importance of silence and space, the (absurd) relationship between humans, their bodies and a thing humans call nature.

Mees’ work has an interdisciplinary character with a focus on music, sound and there where is no sound. His performances change every time when it’s situated in a new space. Every space gives us it’s own echo, it's history, it’s obstacles. 

About STABAT MATER (deconstruction 1)
The drummer announces something. 
A something that is waiting for the first breath,
the first note,
the first melody.
But the breath is gone, the something is empty.

STABAT MATER (deconstruction 1) is the first deconstruction performance of it’s original form. Only two performers stand on stage, without the other performers and singers that used to be there. An ongoing drumroll is announcing something, but the silence afterwards is still empty, open to be filled. But how do we fill up space, and how do we relate to emptiness? Two performers are researching the space, trying to give each other space, fill up the space, release the space, merge into space: a continuous research for resonance and dissonance in sound and movement. 

Mees Siderius & Merette van Hijfte - Performers

Mees Vervuurt - Composer & director


Mees Vervuurt
Dansers Mees Vervuurt