Pleuni Veen

Pleuni Veen

 I want to think without a thought

January 20th 19:50-20:20 January 20th 20:35-21:05 FRAS 2

About Pleuni Veen 
Pleuni Veen (1994) is a mimer intrigued by the balance between the determinate and indeterminate character of the world. She has the desire to be an interruption of daily life. Her work is guided by this fascination and desire and is filled with passion for the human body and some maths. 

About I want to think without a thought
Dear life,

I’m living you and you keep surprising me.
I would like to ask you at this moment:
Is it the inhuman that inspires me
to feel, to care, to touch?

See you,

Surrounded by rolling hills of thinking thoughts. Balancing on the edge of the indefinite.
We follow a human being fascinated by the mystery, the unsettled, the unknown.
Join this space-time and nothingness to think along the particles questioning the binaries ‘’I’’ presumed. Let’s make music with thinking and transforming thoughts, to allow the feeling of falling or flying, up to you! It’s like touching the strangers within you.

A research presentation of Pleuni Veen based on the fascination and pleasure of indefinite thinking and interpretations of quantum physics. Encouraged by transforming instead of being.

Pleuni Veen - Concept and performance
Jelle Visser - Music
Texts inspired by:
On touching- The inhuman That therefore I am- Karen Barad
What is the measure of nothingness? - Karen Barad.  
Meeting the universe halfway - Karen Barad


Pleuni Veen
Pleuni Veen