Rita Bifulco

Rita Bifulco

Salice Piangente

January 21st 20:30-21:00 January 21st 22:20-22:50 FRAS 3

About Rita Bilfuco 
Rita Bifulco graduated at the Mime Opleiding in Amsterdam in 2019. Since then, she has been working as a performer with different makers such as Marcelo Evelin, Lotte van den Berg and Dries Verhoeven. Since 2020, Rita Bifulco founded "Mime fabriek" together with Anastasiia Liubchenko and Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana, a platform in Amsterdam for the mime and performance community. As a performance maker, she explores the meeting point between her personal life, music, embodied imagination and the collective unconscious.

About Salice Piangente 
Salice Piangente is a performance that can be seen as an embodied fairy tale or myth. In "Scilla & Cariddi", Rita is a stranded mermaid: with lots of music, she tries to get in touch with her dead father and mother with the help of two dead fishes. In "The S", seven women use their screams to transform into archetypal figures. In "Río Dulce", a group of performers are nymphs, moving like stones and sharing their sexuality without filters. 

In “Salice Piangente", the project shared in COME TOGETHER, Rita walks on high heels back and forward in one spot, letting herself transform slowly with a light blue green cloth. ‘‘Salice Piangente’’ means weeping willow in Italian. A body in transition. Someone looking down who welcomes their shyness to get in touch with their inner world. Making a hole in time to keep searching for radical freedom. The sound of the heels on the floor. 

Rita Bifulco - Performance

Thanks to Loes van der Pligt and Paulina Prokop


Rita Bifulco
Rita Bifulco