11 3 8 7 (Work in progress)

January 19th 19:10-19:40 FRAS 1

About Trevoga
Trevoga is a newly formed choreographic collective by AHK alumnis Antonina Pushkareva, Neda Ruzheva and Erikas Žilaitis. Growing up in the nebulous socio-political context of “re-construction”, between the violently enforced moral imperatives of a soviet ghost and the stupefying hedonism of a newborn capitalist dream, they grow up quite fond of the aesthetic overlaps between repression and seduction. Together they are developing multidisciplinary approach to performance, incentivized by their soft spot for dystopian imaginaries and their attempt to understand themselves as symptoms of the contradicting processes they inhabit.

About 11 3 8 7 (Work in progress)
Here you are again
chewing it over and
tracks featured: Daddy AF – Slayyyter

11 3 8 7 is a work in progress that the collective started during their residency at ICK Artist Space in November. An estranged delirium, a live stream with no viewers, an outdated reality TV show, or just a spilled toy box on a middle-class floor. Perhaps something even less coherent.

“We found ourselves in an amusing dichotomy - stretched between media’s glamorous promises pouring into our champagne escapism and the grim lack of agency that comes with being a unit in a perpetual production line. In our failures to make sense, we took our contradictions further. We open ourselves up. We gaze at the flood of parasitic symbols that have infested our bodies. Thousands of imaginary intruders have crawled their way inside us and attached themselves to our meaning-digesting organs to the point of becoming functional prosthetics. Crunching and slurping every impulse as we ruminate the world around us, living off our desires while feeding us their own.’’

Special thanks to Sara Suhail, Karina Villafan, Ainhoa & Nacho
Made with the support of ICK Artist Space and NORMA Startersfonds

Alwin Poiana - Photograpy


Alwin Poiana