Valentina Campora | Luciano Pinna| Andy Moor

Valentina Campora | Luciano Pinna| Andy Moor

Movement Invisible

January 19th 22:00-22:20 January 19th 22:25-22:45 January 19th 22:50-23:30 FRAS 2

About Valentina Campora | Luciano Pinna| Andy Moor 
Valentina Campora graduated at the Modern Dance Department of Amsterdam and at the University of Literature and Philosophy of Genova (IT). She has danced and collaborated, with among others Andy Moor, Keren Levi, Cristina Planas Leitao, Jakop Ahlbom and is an active participant and collaborator in the Amsterdam music and dance scene. From 2008 to 2014 she danced and collaborated with Gabriella Maiorino. Valentina is a regular guest teacher at various dance academies in Holland. She is interested in the relationship between AI and theater, extraction of data from human experience, ethic, identity and discrimination.

About Movement Invisible
Movement Invisible is a research and experiment on the relationship between human experience, AI and how digital data influences in return our environment.
There are ethical aspects that deserve a critical exploration and dance is a great way to experience and feel weather or not what we are living through is still ok for us.

Valentina Campora - Concept and choreography
Luciano Pinna - AI designer and co-researcher
Andy Moor - Co-researcher and composer
Liah Frank and Kim Hoogterp - Performer and co- researcher


Valentina Campora